Feature: PENNYFEST Interview #1: Eleanor Lee

In the build up to PENNYFEST 4, we'll be interviewing the bands and stallholders involved to give you a taste of what the day has instore. 

HM: Tell us a bit more about your music...

EL: I'm influenced by all sorts but most of my songs have a sort of folk/ jazz influenced thing going on. I like to write the sort of songs that you could go away humming, but also that have something unexpected. I accompany myself on piano or guitar, but sometimes break out in to instrumental tunes too. I don't tend to overcomplicate things; it's mainly about getting a good melody and combining it with chords that make you go "ooh, nice".. hopefully!

HM: How did you find out about Pennyfest?

EL: I'd heard rumblings on facebook a while back I think, but then met Pete at one of the Hatch'd networking events at the Quad and got talking about Pennyfest.

HM: How important are events like this to Derby and to you personally?

EL: Live music is really important in itself, but raising money for a good cause is also really important. Although I don't know Penny personally, I'm touched by her story and really chuffed to be able to help out in some way.

HM: What are you looking forward to most about Pennyfest?

EL: I think it will be a great atmosphere, having read reviews from past events. I'm mainly looking forward to hearing a great variety of different bands and artists, including Shapes who I think I'm gonna like. I also heard there will be cake, so that's nice.

HM: Where can we see/hear your music?

EL: I have some rough demos on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/eleanora And there's a bit more info on me on my facebook page


To find out more about PENNYFEST 4 please see our article here, you can also find out more about Penny's Fund here.