Feature: Six Streets Arts Festival

Six Streets Arts Trail was a mini arts and crafts fesitval held around six streets in Derby just off Kedleston Road. Rob ventured down to have a look at what was going on.

I have to say I was a little unsure about the whole day, how would it work? The website tells me the artists would be exhibiting their work inside their own homes, would I just let myself in? Would I need to take my shoes off first? Should I bring a bottle of wine as a gift which is what most adults do when they visit another grown-ups house?

Of course as soon as arrived it was easy to see how well it had been organised and what a great idea it was. Certain houses within the six streets area had posters in their windows clearly showing that that house was an exhibition house, the door was left open and newspaper covered the floors. My shoes could stay on, phew.

Upon arriving I headed straight for the main house to get a program and plan my day. I was delighted to find the main house exhibiting Hatch'd favourite Tracey Meek, whos work which I spent several minutes enjoying. The work was placed in and around the main room and also in the corridors, my favourite picture was called "melon collie", probably because I like puns. 

After a while I skipped over to the house of Lesley Warrington, well, not Lesley's house but the house of a kind resident of the six street area, in fact most of the houses were kindly offered by local residents which struck me as incredibly sweet. Anyway, on my arrival I was met by the very nice Lesley who kindly showed me her work. Her work was brilliant, all screen printed with a theme of clocks and postcards which you can see here .

While in the area I had a nosey at the work from Barbara and Helen. Their work was also screen printed and great, dogs on pillows and lampshades and birds on bags and cards. You can see more here.

I could list all the artists I saw till the cows came home, there were many (42 to be exact) and if I'm being honest all the artists were spectacular and deserve special mention but I think it would be easier if you just follow visit the six streets page and followed the links. 

All in all it was a great day, the weather held out nicely and roughly every third house had cakes which I bought, then ate, one cake in particular was so tasty I wanted to book a room with it.