Findo's Mousetrap author Graham Paskett

News: Derby PR man launches his first novel

A public relations expert in Derby has had his first novel published on Amazon Kindle and iPad.

Imagine being able to go back to any period in history and watch events unfold as they happened. Set this against a highly-charged transatlantic romance that ranges from the rugged landscape of Scotland to the urban sophistication of East-coast Boston and you have Findo’s Mousetrap by Graham Paskett.

Findo Gask is a Scottish landowner who has discovered, along with his friend Andrew McCubbin, what it is that turns back the pages of history. His computer powered machine – Mousetrap – solves a crime, settles a family mystery and sees a penniless Irish immigrant land in America before becoming a wealthy newspaper publisher serving the Irish American community.

Reliving historical events with a modern eye – and technology – this e-book makes for a compelling read. Once you add in the romance between Findo and his beautiful, feisty Irish American Dympna Doyle there is a dramatic cocktail of history, love and emotional turmoil. I saw it as old money versus new but with a massive update.

Graham is actually a former newspaper journalist and has run his own public relations business in the city since 1976 which is now based in Friar Gate Studios.

You can check out the website and blog, follow the book's story on Twitter or on Facebook. There is also a video of Graham being interviewed in Bean Cafe which you can see here. There’s already talk of the second book, could this be Derbyshire phenomena of 50 Shades of Grey?! What a story that would make!