News: Some Yarn Bombing, and a little bit of Trundlehonk

September is the month when you can expect to see a mobile piano being driven around the streets of Derby by Sister Ruth.  Along with Giant Seagulls, giant bouncing kangaroos on powerskip stilts, and the metamorphosis of a man and a six foot balloon…

The stage is once again set for Derby’s annual extravaganza of international street theatre, performance art and sheer unadulterated fun in a world-class festival, capable of attracting some of the very best outdoors acts on to the city’s streets.

The sixth annual family friendly Derby Festé, from September 20th to 22nd, will also feature the world’s first ever Victorian robot (“Albot”), the music of New Orleans with the Rampage Brass Band, some yarn bombing, a little bit of Trundlehonk, and a display of gymnastics from the Swank Sputnick Sisters who hit their prime in the 1980s. All events on Saturday 22nd are free of charge.

While the eclectic mix of professionally honed acts and madcap mayhem promises to bring Derby alive on Saturday, September 22nd, the appearance of Luc Amoros on September 20th and 21st is being hailed as nothing short of a major coup for the city.

The French troupe has wowed audiences in capital cities throughout Europe for years.  Described at its simplest as “shadow theatre”, Luc Amoros is one of the world’s greatest exponents of the art, and has taken an ancient theatre of projected images to turn it into a state-of-the-art 21st century performance.

Carefully choreographed, and set to music against a striking and illuminated backdrop, the performance lasts around 70 minutes and ends with a striking piece of art - and will bring with it exactly the right level of eye-catching and explosive entertainment to kick-start an extended weekend of family fun.  The admission fee for each performance starts at £4.

Festé Organisers are proud to present another highlight for Saturday, September 22nd, when Darley Park will become the fourth and final venue for “Games Time”, to close the Cultural Olympiad in the East Midlands. Games Time is expected to wow audiences of up to 10,000 people with this spectacular large-scale event created by people from Derby. Over 100 local people of all ages and backgrounds have dedicated their spare time to bring you a breath-taking show of brilliant costume, dance, film, music and fireworks.

The full line-up of acts and events for Derby Festé can be viewed at You can also find Derby Festé on Twitter and Facebook.