Feature: The Physicality and Digital Hybridity of Creative Place

Daniel Turner is a student at the University of Derby, his final year creative projected is a Sound/Digital art piece entitled "The Physicality and Digital Hybridity of Creative Place"

I'm Daniel Turner (otherwise known as Mole) and I'm a creative artist and music technologist based in Derby. I'm also a recording assistant at The Music Shed, a local rehearsal room and recording studio.

My final year project, "The Physicality and Digital Hybridity of Creative Place" is geared around the idea that the places in which people are creative (bedrooms, studios etc) are often just a passive component in the creative process, they are simply the housing of the creativity and rarely contribute or are the focus of the creative piece of work. So I set about to create a piece of sound/digital art just using my own creative place, my bedroom, as raw material.

This led on to the second strand of the project, which is the exploration into the digitisation of art material and how this can blur the lines between traditional workflows and what can be used as "creative material". Once things are placed in the digital realm they are simply a collection of 1s and 0s and can be interpreted as different things depending on the instructions giving to the digital decoder. What originally starts out as a sound of a car horn, could be turned into the colour pink, if certain parameters were set on a computer to read the sound content as visual content.

So everything you see and hear in the piece will be derived from one picture and one sound recording, and furthermore you will also "hear" the images through image to sound conversion and "see" the sound derived from images created by spectral analysis.

The output is intended to be an immersive sound art piece spatialised using the Ambisonic Surround Sound System, all work in terms of final sound placement is taking place in the University of Derby's Surround Sound Lab and uses custom made plug-Ins by Dr Bruce Wiggins.


Daniel is currently looking for a space outside of the University to exhibit his work, is anyone would be interested in helping him out with this, or knows of a possible location, please get in touch via Daniel's website or Twitter.