Feature: PENNYFEST Interview #8: A-tota-so

In the build up to PENNYFEST 4, we'll be interviewing the bands and stallholders involved to give you a taste of what the day has instore. 

HM: Tell us a bit more about your music...

ATS: We leak musical nonsense into a room and bash it about a bit so it doesn't sound so stupid. sometimes it ends up sounding quite good; those are the songs we play to people when they ask.

HM: How did you find out about Pennyfest?

ATS: We're both from Derby and are good friends with Dan Wheeler (Penny's son) so we've known about pennyfest from the start so its great to be asked to play.

HM: How important are events like this to Derby and to you personally?

ATS: People seem to be spread between many different events and genres in Derby but Pennyfest always seems to bring everyone together. Knowing the important cause it benefits helps but the atmosphere it always has is brilliant.

HM: What are you looking forward to most about Pennyfest?

ATS: The whole day in general should be amazing as it has always been in the past, highlights this year will be Shapes and You Slut! along with a whole load of other great bands and artists.

HM: Where can we see/hear your music?

ATS: You can watch a live session we did for Hatchd on this very site actually :)


To find out more about PENNYFEST 4 please see our article here, you can also find out more about Penny's Fund here.