Feature: PENNYFEST Interview #3: Lonely Robot

In the build up to PENNYFEST 4, we'll be interviewing the bands and stallholders involved to give you a taste of what the day has instore. 

HM: Tell us a bit more about your music...

LR: I'm a guy with a guitar and I write folky/emo songs about animals, nostalgia and hope.

HM: How did you find out about Pennyfest?

LR: I knew a couple of people who were playing at Pennyfest 2 so I went along, and it was amazingly fun. It was easily one of the best and most memorable days of the summer.

HM: How important are events like this to Derby and to you personally?

LR: I think they're very important, not only is it for a great cause but events like this are full of character and it's a great place to meet lots of friendly people who are enthusiastic about what they do.

HM: What are you looking forward to most about Pennyfest?

LR: Everything! ...but mostly the cakes.

HM: Where can we see/hear your music?

LR: I have a website at http://lonelyrobot.co.uk and there are links to facebook/bandcamp/etc on there. There are only a couple of home demos so far, but I'll be adding more stuff just as soon as I get round to finishing it! 


To find out more about PENNYFEST 4 please see our article here, you can also find out more about Penny's Fund here.