Event: Haiku Salut VS My Psychoanalyst

Date:  17th Aug 2012: 8.00pm - 11.00pm

Local divas Haiku Salut are pitted head to head against the testosterone fuelled My Psychoanalyst in an all out acoustic brawl to the death (probably). The place is Sadlergates and the time is 8pm on the 17th August.

Fresh from their UK tour, Haiku Salut are to be thrown into a Derby acoustic cage fight with local ruffians My Psychoanalyst.

After both bands wowed the crowd at last weeks Y-NOT festival, Paul Herron invites them both to fight for their musical dignity as well as their gender's pride. That's right, it's the girls vs the boys, but who will win? Will it be Haiku Salut, who describe themselves as Baroque-pop-folktronic-neo-classical-something-or-other, or My Psychoanalsyt the usually shoegaze, noise-pop band turned melodic, harmonising folk trio. Make sure you're there find out as well as to cheer for your favourite side. 

Sadlergates are also offering special deals on Pizza and Vedett so get there early to take advantage of this delicious offer. I know I will!



DE1 3NH Derby, DBY
United Kingdom
52° 55' 23.3976" N, 1° 28' 46.6356" W