Feature: A First Timer's Guide to Bloodstock

Having set up a sponsorship deal between Red Bull and this year's Bloodstock, Boast Sponsorship Director, Jimmy Drew fills Hatch’d readers in on his first experience of the metal festival.

A few weeks back we heard that the Derbyshire business had been propelled into the heavy metal festival experience by setting up the partnership between Red Bull and the Bloodstock Festival set in the heart of Derbyshire.

Hatch'd Magazine spoke to Boast Sponsorship's Director, Jimmy about the goings on at this year's Bloodstock and gained some survival tips for readers wanting to rock out at next year's festival.

Liz: So then, how did your first experience of a Heavy Metal Festival go?

Jimmy: “I personally have driven past the picturesque grounds of Catton Hall on numerous occasions, and even when we walked around the site the day before it started we knew that it wouldn’t be so calm and peaceful come Sunday afternoon upon our return.

“The site itself is fairly vast, with the main stage right at the heart of the festival and the two other main stages and tents being at opposite ends of the site, they were called the Sophie Lancaster stage and the New Blood stage.

“Scattered about the site was numerous fast food outlets, offering plenty of different options from around the world and bars serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  There were also a number of independent stalls selling things like hats, t-shirts, camping accessories and even tattoos! Not to forget the fairground rides, including the ‘Catapult Bungee’, which I’ll be honest and say we didn’t go on!

“The cost of food and drink we thought was pretty reasonable, and the bars offered a wide range of drink, including a range of 20+ real ales in the ‘Serpents Lair’ Bar, plus the usual lager and cider options.  We even treated ourselves to a couple of Jager Bombs, mainly to help keep our energy levels up during our time at the festival of course!

“Although there were well over 10,000 revellers at the festival, there were plenty of sections of the festival where you could chill out, have a drink and chat, without any over-crowding that can often be the norm at many other festivals.

“In terms of the music, although it isn’t that high up on my list of genre choice, there was a good mix of established and upcoming bands to choose from, and I have to say that although we probably did stand out at times like sore thumbs, appearance wise, largely as we didn’t have clothing with bands name on them, the people were very friendly and welcoming and spirits seemed high, with everybody looking like they  were having a great time even after what must have been a long and tiring few days.

“It did help bumping into an old work friend, who was there supporting one of the bands, INCINERY, in the ‘New Blood Stage’, as they had won their heat of the ‘Metal to the Masses’ competition, winning the right to play at the festival.  She gave us a bit of a virgin’s guide to Heavy Metal festivals!

“The legendary Alice Cooper, who was headlining on the Sunday evening, was even more entertaining as expected.  For a 64 year old, he certainly still knows how to get the crowd going; he and his band’s performance were seamless especially with the many prop and costume changes that took place during his set.

“I think it’s a healthy thing in life to sample as many new things as possible and although I can’t see myself rushing out and changing my music selection but we had a thoroughly time at Bloodstock, so much so that I’m looking forward to next year already and we may even go one stage further and camp over for at least one night!”

Liz: So, what are the essentials to take to a heavy metal festival?

Jimmy: “Go with an open mind and the attitude to have some fun, and if you do, then I’m sure you will enjoy yourself as much as we did!”