Feature: Dancing Duck Brewery

Dancing Duck Brewery is an award winning micro-brewery based in Derby. Rob went to meet the owner Rachel to find out more about it.

It’s almost certain that you have seen one of those amazing pump clips, you know, the ones with a duck celebrating life with its limbs flailing all over the place, well they belong to non-other than Derby’s own Dancing Duck Brewery.

You will be pleased to know that Dancing Duck is more than just an awesome logo (although the logo by itself is good enough for me) since opening at the end of 2010 they have won 5 awards, created 6 beers forming their core range, opened a lovely pub and are currently refurbishing their new bar The New Zealand Arms. Pretty good for 1 year, even better knowing the owner Rachel said “I didn’t drink real ale 5 years ago; it seemed a bit of a man’s drink”.

Dancing Duck was able to get off to a flying start (get it? Ducks? Flying? No?) as Rachel had recently finished a year and a half stint at the Blue Monkey Brewery and her Husband Ian designed KRYPTON breweries for companies such as Guinness and Coors, no wonder they have done so well in the first year.

Not only was I lucky enough to be shown around the brewery (it always amazes me how much people can produce in relatively limited space and with limited time) but I took flight towards Rachel’s outlet The Exeter Arms, just a few forward rolls down the road from the Brewery Tap. The Exeter Arms might just be the nicest, warmest, friendliest pub that Derby has to offer, it really is THAT nice. I was joined by the two “good” members of Haiku Salut who ordered a hummus board the size of a small country, piled high with bread, olives, peppers and pickled onions for just £4.50! AMAZING! We also had a pint or two as well, me and Sophie had Dancing Ducks, Dark Drake, a sweet, oatmeal stout which, if I am being honest, is one of the nicest stouts of that strength I have ever had, and Gemma had a Thornbridge, Chiron, which she described as “mmmmmm, quite fruity”.

We have a lot to look forward to with Dancing Duck, Rachel has recently gotten her hands on a rare and hard to get American Hop, she won’t tell me which one because she’s mean like that, but she does promise to put it to good use by making a single hopped beer sometime over the next year or so. The New Zealand Arms is set to open in the next month or so, and if it anything like the Exeter Arms we’re all in for a mighty bit treat, and Rachel is also looking into bottling some of her award winning beers so we can all enjoy our Dancing Duck beers at home watching old episodes of 24.

Be sure to look out for Dancing Duck beers such as 22, Nice Weather, Dark Drake, Gold, Abduction (I know! How could Rachel not call it AbducKtion! A travesty to puns everywhere) and Ay Up. Or you could just toodle on down to the Exeter Arms.

Find out more at: www.dancingduckbrewery.com or follow Rachel on twitter at: @dancingduckbeer