Feature: Summer Staycation

Belper artist Ruth Gray decided to stay at home this year for her holiday, so she began to look around her home town for inspiration and treat it as a 'staycation' rather than a vacation! 

Ruth had been painting abstract landscapes for over a year but decided to change her style for a series of nine paintings of the Belper area, so not only was it a holiday at home but also a break from her usual practice into a more representational style.

Wanting to use views she saw every day that may be overlooked, Ruth took photographs during her daily routines around her home town of Belper.

"Belper has so much natural beauty hidden behind the buildings and car parks, as well as interesting streets and parklands. If I'd ended up going away to the coast this year this series may have never been painted."

Already the paintings have attracted a wider audience than Belper itself, with the painting 'December at Belper Train Station' being featured in August's edition of Artists and Illustrators Magazine as part of their artist of the year competition.

The completed nine acrylic paintings will be on display together at Belper Library for the whole of October. Ruth decided that it is important to share these works with other Belper residents first, before sending them off to regional exhibitions and galleries. The paintings are also available as glicee prints and greetings cards. 

You can find out more about Ruth on her website, facebook and twitter