Feature: Review: New exhibition in Friar Gate Studios

The University of Derby’s Evolve is working with Friar Gate Studios to provide local artists with an exciting new platform to showcase their work.




Every morning I walk into the studios and through Bean Cafe up to our office. A few weeks ago all of a sudden something was different. Sarah, who owns the cafe, was brimming with excitement and I looked around and saw all of these amazing pieces of art as colours were throwing themselves at me.

I found out that the University has teamed up with the building to give fantastic local artists a place to exhibit their work and it’s not just a one-off, its quarterly, fantastic I thought! A few weeks later (it’s been a busy time!) I was able to get downstairs and take in everything.

Whatever your art style there is something for everyone; I particularly love bright colours that draw you in and was taken aback by David Booth’s work.

David is interested in providing visual aesthetics and context in his work. His process has been designed to engage the viewer’s empathetic response. From a far his two paintings in the exhibition look like a fusion of colours, but as I walked closer, the detail is extraordinary as leafs and flowers make up the work.

I got lost looking into the colourful woodland scene by April Young, the piece is titled ‘If I came here again, would you still be here?’. April used oil on canvas to create, what I thought, was a magical woodland scene due to the sparkles added to the tree tops.

If bright colours aren’t your thing, there is a beautiful charcoal drawing of a horse and rider by Samantha Colbert and three interesting photographs by Ewan Mathers plus so much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed my break, taking in the talent, wishing that I could conjure up something as beautiful as the work that surrounded me.

What could be better than art, homemade cake and a cup of tea?! Roll on the next exhibition as I can certainly get used to this!