Feature: PENNYFEST Interview #7: Lauren Meadows

In the build up to PENNYFEST 4, we'll be interviewing the bands and stallholders involved to give you a taste of what the day has instore. 

HM: Tell us a bit more about what you do...

LM: I do a little bit of everything really! I'm a freelance photographer (which is the main job title), a freelance model and a freelance Arts & Crafts maker. I'm running with photography at the moment and hoping to open a teaching studio for the Derby/Nottingham area in the near future, which will provide various classes for the general public, the deaf community and
youth centres, hopefully encouraging kids to get involved with the arts and photography and possible further education. I am currently really enjoying my crafts and have started a small business, Raphaella Vintage, so I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to promote myself and show Derby what I've got to offer!

HM: How did you find out about Pennyfest?

LM: My partner saw the event on Facebook and told me about it! I had a look and thought it was a great way to support the charity, get involved in the arts circle and with the Derby community.

HM: How important are events like this to Derby and to you personally?

LM: I think events like this for Derby are really important, it gives the city culture and really promotes the arts; in particular with this event it raises money for charity which is always a great thing and another good way to bring a community together. Personally I think it's great! It gives the opportunity for networking and most importantly gauges whether the general public are interested in the business you want to be providing, so it's a great way for smaller or developing businesses, like myself, to get out there and promote themselves.

HM: What are you looking forward to most about Pennyfest?

LM: Well hopefully we'll get some sun! And there are some fabulous bands playing so looking forward to that and also being able to network with like-minded people. I think the best thing about the day for me will be meeting the people who hopefully like and want to buy my handmade products!

HM: Where can we find out more about your work?

LM: My photography work can be found at: http://beautybeyondelegancephotography.4ormat.com and my handmade Arts & Crafts (Raphaella Vintage) can be viewed on my photographic website as I am currently in the process of opening up my shop
on etsy. It should be up and running by the event so I can spread the word! 


To find out more about PENNYFEST 4 please see our article here, you can also find out more about Penny's Fund here.